What To Do If Your Computer Needs A Repair

What To Do If Your Computer Needs A Repair

When your computer suddenly breaks, it can be a hassle to decide on your next step. Do you call tech support? Should you try fixing it yourself? Is it better to throw it all in the trash?

In truth, there are many steps you can probably take that will lead to a final solution. Before you take any action, however, make sure you’re comfortable with getting your computer fixed. Time, money, and privacy are all huge concerns when allowing someone else to fix your computer.

If you’ve decided you’d rather not fix your computer yourself, here are a few simple tasks you can do to get your computer fixed.

1. Ask Help From A Friend

You can’t go wrong with asking a tech savvy friend for a little help. In many cases, it’s often free and fast, allowing you to get back to work on your computer in a time efficient manner.

Don’t know anyone with great tech skills? Ask around your neighborhood, family, and friends—there’s always someone that serves as the go-to source for all things tech-related and will have an idea on how to handle your computer problem.

If your computer is under warranty, make sure your friend is aware so that they avoid any action that may void it.

2. Call Tech Support

If asking a friend doesn’t work out or they made it to a certain point in the troubleshooting process, calling technical support is your next best bet.

This is especially helpful when you detect computer issues early on in your ownership as it can entitle you to free technical support and even a replacement computer, depending on the warranty.

While many computers come with a warranty that lasts at least a year, you may not know the extent of what it covers or its expiration date. When in doubt, it’s best to call the computer maker’s number and ask for more information.

When calling tech support, be prepared to explain what issues your computer is facing and ask any important questions. This could save you time, energy, and even money as tech support services can cost an hourly fee without computer warranty.

If your computer is having problems soon after you’ve bought it, it’s recommended that you ask for a replacement, especially since there’s no worry about lost data.

3. Go to A Computer Repair Service

Hiring a computer repair service is another option you can take to fix your computer. Many places around the world have numerous computer repair services that can vary when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Having many choices available only makes the choosing process much more difficult. You may refer to specific criteria, such as Lifewire’s tips on How To Decide Where To Take Your Computer for Repair to help you decide which service is the right one for you.

There is also the option of an online repair service, in which you allow the service to connect to your computer remotely and fix the issues it is having.

However, this service relies heavily on remote access so it may only apply to computers that have internet access or have issues that aren’t hardwire-related.

Remember to evaluate your time, money, and willingness to let others see your data before getting your computer fixed. Address any necessary questions and/or concerns with more tech savvy people so you can have your data up and running again.

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