MyTech Joins March For Cancer 5K Run/Walk

MyTech Joins March For Cancer 5K Run/Walk

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, MyTech made strides against cancer by joining the March For Cancer 5K Run/Walk at the DC Alexander Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Many participants, including our team at MyTech, walked alongside cancer survivors, their families, friends, and loved ones to bring awareness to this debilitating disease and help eliminate cancer once and for all.

The March For Cancer 5K Walk/Run is the first in a series of events designed to create awareness about cancer. The main goal for the march is to generate funding and aid to educational counseling programs that focus on expectations and effects during treatments, and to personal assistance programs that provide transportation and other helpful resources to those battling cancer.

At MyTech, we are thoroughly inspired by the March for Cancer’s fight to eliminate cancer from this nation. Despite how much darkness cancer can bring to someone’s life, the annual March For Cancer gives a little beacon of hope that one day, this disease will be erased from the vocabulary of this nation.

We are happy to have joined in the battle with numerous survivors and supporters. With this year’s successful walk, we at MyTech are looking forward to making strides against cancer again next year!

You can help us fight against cancer and save countless lives by making a donation to the March for Cancer cause.

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