How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Camera

How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Camera

In today’s world, all types of digital cameras come with some Wi-Fi features. While these features have their unique benefits, there’s a rising concern about security and privacy. Any hacker can log in to your camera feed and watch your house from wherever they are. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can ensure you Wi-Fi camera is protected from these thieves.

Here’s what you can do to ensure your Wi-Fi camera is secure:

1. Make your Wi-Fi network secure

There’s nothing more crucial to security than making sure your Wi-Fi network is protected. It is the most basic action you can do that prevents hackers from invading your Wi-Fi camera. You can do this by making sure your router has a strong password, a secure WPA2 encryption, cutting off access to guest networking, and much more.

2. Create a strong password for Wi-Fi camera

You may be tempted to leave your camera without an administrator username and password (or keep the default username and password combination). Word of advice: do neither. Avoid using the manufacturer’s default username and password to your Wi-Fi camera. Hackers will easily look it up online and violate your privacy. 

Instead, get a little creative by making your own username and password. Make sure it has the right combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and other characters. You can check out our blog, Life Hacks for Passwords for our helpful tips on creating passwords. 

3. Buy a Wi-Fi camera from a trustworthy source

When choosing a Wi-Fi camera, it’s important to research brands that are reliable and trusted. You have a few sources to choose from, and cameras are available on various sites, such as Amazon and Best Buy. Any of these trusted company brand sites typically include good customer service, allowing you to report any problems.

4. Research security measures for Wi-Fi camera

Many Wi-Fi cameras have their own security measures. Research the different camera brands you are interested in, and find out what kind of security they offer. You can check on their website or use keyword research using the company name and the word “security” into Google.

While it sounds doubtful that Wi-Fi enabled cameras can be used to invade our privacy, the fact is it canand is—used as a tool by hackers. Consider using our tips to ensure confidential information (and your life inside and outside your home) is protected at all times. 

You can also protect your smartphone from hackers by reading our tips on our blog, How to Protect Your Privacy with Smart Devices.

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