Father’s Day Smart Home Gift Guide

Father’s Day Smart Home Gift Guide

Father’s Day is finally here! You know your dad is wise, hard-working, and just plain awesome. Whether you’re taking your dad out on a nice brunch or giving him a visit, take the time to spoil him even further with a gift that shows how much you appreciate him.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give to that special man in your life. Our list includes incredible smart home devices that will surely put a smile on his faceand he’ll actually love to use them!

1. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are a huge must-have in any father’s home. Whether he wants to play some music, ask about the latest traffic report, or change the temperature, a smart speaker can definitely add a bit of flair to your dad’s daily routine.

Since the release of Amazon Echo, it’s been a little trickier to choose the best smart speaker among the dozens that have been released in the market. First, you’ll need to consider what smart speaker features your dad will prefer most—does he want a speaker with a touchscreen? Will he prefer music quality over other features? Will he want his speakers connected to other smart devices in his home?

Let’s take a quick look at the best smart speaker devices that dominate the market today.

Sonos Speakers

Some speakers are loud; others are portable. Sonos One speakers set the bar for every smart speaker in several areas, including sound quality, easy use, customization, and connectivity with other smart-home gadgets.

Sonos speakers have a theater-quality sound that fills the entire room, making your average movie-watching experience a lot more engaging. It also has a super simple setup process that only requires a download of the Sonos app and plugging in your Sonos speaker.

Users also get full hands-free control through its compatibility to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Sonos speakers also support Apple Airplay 2, which gives users the ability to stream sound from their Apple devices and adjust the volume via Siri.

If there’s any speaker to get your dad this Father’s Day, it’s Sonos One. Currently, the Sonos One costs $199 on Amazon or Sonos website.

Sonos Soundbars

Soundbars are quickly replacing the usual muffled TV speakers. Although there are many models available, the Sonos Beam takes the title as one of the best. With its clear sound and easy TV connectivity, Dad will definitely appreciate this soundbar as a Father’s Day gift. What’s so cool about it? Some of its features include:

  • Speech enhancement, which emphasizes the human voice to make movie dialogue on screen easier to follow along
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Compatibility with Apple Airplay 2
  • Simple setup that only takes minutes

Its most beneficial feature is its quick connectivity with other Sonos speakers, which can turn Dad’s living room into a mini movie theater with a surround sound system. The Sonos Beam can also fit into any living room due to its compact size and usability with TVs of various sizes.

The Sonos Beam is available on Amazon for $399 and on the Sonos website.

Google Home Mini

If you know your Dad isn’t interested in a surround-sound system or loud music, a Google Home Mini can give him all the perks of a smart speaker—and at a cheaper cost!

Not only does it give hands-free help for simple tasks via Google Assistant, like weather reports or appointment setups, but it also has an evolving compatibility with other smart home devices. It’s small size and simple design makes it perfect to set on any location in the house.

When connected with Chromecast, Dad will able to stream any kind of entertainment on his TV or speakers with his voice. It also has a multi-room audio when you combine speakers with Chromecast. Other features include home light control, thermostat control, and home security.

In many ways, Google Home Mini is like the perfect home companion just for Dad!

Google Home Mini costs $49 on Google.

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)

While it shares similarities with the first Echo Show, Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) has an array of benefits that can make for an excellent Father’s Day gift.

For one, it has a vibrant 10 inch screen with crisp, stereo sound for your Dad’s viewing pleasure. You can also make video calls through Skype and other apps (video calls require another Echo device with a screen), and you can connect with other Amazon Echo speakers.

Like the regular Amazon Echo, you will still need to communicate to Alexa to delegate tasks. With its screen, however, you can view what songs you’re playing, view lyrics, view Amazon Prime videos, and personalize your screen with your photos.

Echo Show is also heavily optimized for visibility across the room and is able to hear you even with music on. It’s available on Amazon for $229.

2. Smart Lights

Smart lighting takes that extra step in modernizing your average house. For dad, it may just be what he needs to make his time at home more comfortable.

Now, smart lighting are like regular LED light bulbs but users are able to completely control them with their smart devices via the Internet. These light bulbs can go into any socket in Dad’s home and with just a tap of a button on his phone or tablet, he can dim the lights, change the colors, or set a dimming schedule based on his preference.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? The best smart lights are Philips Hue Smart Bulbs. Let’s take a look at what makes them such an awesome gift idea for Dad.

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

With Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, you can play with around 16 million colors to change the way a room looks and feels. These lights are top quality and long lasting LED light bulbs that also include various color ranges and a Hue bridge.  

Some cool features of Philips Hue Smart Lights include:

  • Ability to dim and turn lights on/off with just a tap
  • Syncing media to smart lights via Hue Sync app and Hue Bridge
  • Customize lights to turn on/off, dim, change colors throughout your day
  • Motion sensors that can work with smart home devices, such as security cameras

For easy and simple setup of Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, you can use their starter kits, which come with four smart and energy-efficient LED bulbs in different color ranges.

Various starter kits with pricing are available on Amazon. You can check out more information about smart lighting your home through our blog, Smart Lighting: Everything You Need to Know.

3. Smart Security Cameras

Want your Dad to have the safest home on the block? Smart security cameras have you covered. These cameras help keep your Dad alert of any outside threats and can help him feel at ease around his home.

We recommend Nest and Ring security cameras to give Dad the gift of home security this Father’s Day.

Nest Indoor/Outdoor Cams

Nest cameras are designed to keep Dad’s house secure, whether he’s actually at home or away. These cameras come with a 24/7 live streaming feed that allow users to check-in from wherever they are. It also has super clear HD video, which can be useful in identifying potential intruders and other threats.

You can also talk to whoever is outside without ever opening your door and never worry about batteries (Nest cameras are plugged in 24/7). Outdoor Nest cameras are completely weatherproof so in rain or sunshine, Dad will still continue to receive the same amount of protection.

With a subscription to Nest Aware, Dad will also have the ability to continuously record what’s happening around the house and receive alerts whenever the camera detects a person or sound. Recorded videos are saved for up to 30 days in the cloud.

Nest cameras are available at various prices depending on package on their website.

Ring Indoor/Outdoor Cams

Ring cameras are similar to Nest cameras as they both provide effective home security 24/7 at home and while away. These cameras also come in various types, including Stick Up Cam, Spotlight Cam, and Floodlight Cam.

Each of these cameras add an extra layer of convenience around and outside your home. They come with high quality HD video, two-way talk, and even a siren. It can connect to Amazon Alexa, which gives users the ability to receive announcements on their Echo devices whenever motion is detected.

With the Ring Protection Plan, Dad can enjoy a free 30 day trial, record, review, and share videos for $3 a month once the trial ends, and even upgrade to the Ring Protection Plus Plan that covers doorbells and cameras.

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the most important man in your life. Let your love for your Dad speak with a special smart home gift you’ll know he’ll love and use. We hope our guide has helped you decide on what to get your dad for an amazing Father’s Day gift!

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