5 Reasons To Get Amazon Echo For Your Grandparents

5 Reasons To Get Amazon Echo For Your Grandparents

Many of us have Amazon Echo devices in our homes to help us with our daily tasks. If you have a grandparent, an aging parent, or an elderly relative, you should definitely consider getting them an Amazon Echo speaker. Alexa, Amazon Echo’s helpful digital assistant, makes average daily tasks like reminders and shopping lists easy and hands-free. For your elder relative, this can be such a relief from performing daily tasks. 

If you aren’t sure whether to get Amazon Echo for your grandparents, here are a couple of reasons that might convince you:

1. Personal control

Amazon Echo can give your grandparents full control over certain appliances around your home. For example, they can create a consistent routine with a specific phrase (“Alexa, it’s time to sleep”) to dim the lights through smart lights

They can also use Amazon Echo to raise or lower the temperature, make coffee, or turn on the TV—all via voice command. These other devices must be compatible with Alexa in order to work. Check out our blog, 5 Best Smart Devices That Work With Alexa to see which devices your relative can use with their Amazon Echo device. 

2. Medication reminders

With Amazon Echo, your grandparents can create reminders to take their medications at a specific time. The best part? Your relative has the ability to make as many reminders as they want for multiple pills throughout the day. All they need to say is, “Alexa, remind me to take my medicine at 10 AM every day” and Alexa will create the alert. 

3. Entertainment

Along with helping users with chores, Amazon Echo also offers quality entertainment. Any Echo speaker can play music, tell jokes and riddles, play the radio, and even play audiobooks. Alexa can also provide your relative with motivational messages through commands like “Alexa, start my morning.” These little features can provide your relative with some companionship, especially if they live alone. 

4. General reports and information

Your relative can also use Amazon Echo for any kind of information. By asking Alexa questions about a specific person or event, it will provide you with detailed information about it. The Echo speaker can also provide daily reports on the news, weather, sports, international events, traffic, and more. This allows your grandparents to remain updated about what’s going on in the world. 

5. Security alerts

One important part of Amazon Echo is its security feature. Through Amazon Echo, your senior relative’s home can be a little more secure. It can do this with its Burglar Deterrent skill, which plays music and other sounds to make the person outside your relative’s door think there are people inside. Amazon Echo can also be set up with Nest Secure so that it provides your grandparents’ home with an effective security system, locks, lights, and more.  

Be sure your relative’s Amazon Echo speaker is plugged in so that it works properly. Your relative should also know that they must say “Alexa…” before they can ask an Echo device a question or make a command. Once your senior relative gets the hang of using Alexa, they will have a digital companion to help them every step of the way.

Are you curious about Alexa Voice and how it works? Check out our blog, Alexa Voice—The Pros, Cons, and How It Works for more information on how to use Alexa. 

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