5 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2019

5 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2019

Fitness trackers have become quite relevant in recent years. As more new and intricate trackers are released every year, it becomes harder as tech consumers to decide on the best one for our needs. Luckily, there’s one important trait a fitness tracker must have to be useful: waterproof capability. 

Think about it. A fitness tracker that stops working after you sweat during a workout or hike up a trail isn’t exactly ideal. Regardless of the activity you’re performing, a tracker must be reliable at performing its job. 

Our list compiles some of the latest and best fitness trackers to help you decide on one that best fits your lifestyle: 

1. Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband

The Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband is a simple waterproof wristband that’s lightweight and helps you stay motivated. It’s the ideal fitness tracker for casual swimmers and athletes as it provides a simple and easy way to track fitness stats. It also tracks your sleeping habits and activities throughout your day. The Fitbit Flex 2 will remind you when it’s time to exercise or perform an activity, and will alert you when you’ve reached your goals. It also has a long battery life, lasting up to 5 days total.

2. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is one of the best fitness trackers for hardcore swimmers and joggers. It physically looks different than most fitness trackers, with its large screen and wide band. With the device, you can use the MapMyRun app to explore new hiking trails or use its Speedo On app to track your swimming performance. The Samsung Gear does well submerged under water, and can easily count your laps. Other apps you can sync and connect into include the Under Armour Record, which gives you detailed health and fitness information, and Spotify.

3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is a quality waterproof fitness tracker that provides users with numerous useful features. This includes tracking heart rate, sleep, and exercise activity. You can also connect it directly with your smartphone to receive texts, emails, and other notifications. This fitness tracker includes a built-in USB plug that lets you charge it on your laptop. Its battery life can last for around 7 days.

4. Huawei Band 2

The Huawei Band 2 is the best fitness tracker for those who regularly perform water aerobics. It’s designed to be slim and lightweight so it doesn’t bother you while your perform an activity. Along with being affordable, this device includes several useful features such as a built-in GPS, a heart rate tracker, and a running coach. The Huawei Band 2’s battery life can last for up to 21 days total, and you can use it every day.

5. Moov HR Sweat

Unlike the other fitness bands on this list, the Moov HR Sweat is a unique fitness tracker that’s worn as a headband. Some of its cool features include monitoring heart rate, fitness coaching, and tracking swim activity. It works very well in water and withstand swim laps around the pool. This band is also super comfy when worn and can even absorb sweat during workouts!

A good fitness tracker can help enhance your fitness performance so that you can be a healthier and happier you! Remember to consider your needs, price range, and activity levels before you invest on a fitness tracker or another smart device. We hope our list has helped you find the right fitness tracker for you! 

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