3 Best Apps For Blocking Spam Calls

3 Best Apps For Blocking Spam Calls

Are you tired of getting random spam calls during the day? So are we. Fortunately, there are numerous smartphone apps and features that can quickly block those pesky callers.

Most of these apps identify the callers and block any numbers listed as unknown. While there are many great call blocking apps, we’ve found that the following three apps are among the best for blocking unwanted calls.

Let’s take a look at each and see which best fits your needs:

1. Truecaller (for iOS and Android)

Truecaller is a popular free call blocker app for iOS users that has a ton of cool features. Along with blocking unwanted calls, it identifies caller ID, blocks SMS messages, has Google drive backup, and lets you know when your contacts are available to talk. You can also block numbers through country code or number series.

The downside: Truecaller collects its numbers from user’s contact lists around the world. This means your number is exposed once you use the app. If this makes you uneasy, then you may want to consider other apps that do not include this feature.

Truecaller is available on both iPhone and Android.

2. Calls Blacklist (for Android)

Calls Blacklist is an effective call blocking app that contains some unique features. Through the app, you can create a call blocking schedule based on the numbers that call you. You are also able to filter through numbers and let certain numbers ring during certain times of the day.

The downside: The app is only available for Android (sorry iPhone users!).

3. Should I Answer? (for Android and iOS)

Should I Answer? Is an app that works similarly to Truecaller. It includes phone lookup services where you can ID your callers, and blocks unwanted calls. Blocking options include hidden numbers, foreign countries, and other numbers that aren’t in your contact list. Despite all of these features, it is an incredibly easy app to use.

The downside: Users may find it difficult to add new numbers to their block list. Certain features, such as their manual block setting, is also hidden from the menu.

Should I Answer? is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Once you have decided on an app that best suits you, you will no longer waste your time and patience on unwanted calls. These apps will know exactly what to do. Looking for other helpful tech tools? Check out our 6 Best Smart Doorbell Devices For Your Home for our list of helpful devices you should add to your home!

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